Pertandingan Koir Lagu Kemerdekaan 2015

IMG_20150902_092806 IMG_20150902_092642 IMG_20150902_092644 IMG_20150902_092647 IMG_20150902_092649 IMG_20150902_092651 IMG_20150902_092653 IMG_20150902_092655 IMG_20150902_092657 IMG_20150902_092659 IMG_20150902_092701 IMG_20150902_092703 IMG_20150902_092705 IMG_20150902_092707 IMG_20150902_092729 IMG_20150902_092731 IMG_20150902_092733 IMG_20150902_092735 IMG_20150902_092737 IMG_20150902_092739 IMG_20150902_092742 IMG_20150902_092744 IMG_20150902_092746 IMG_20150902_092748 IMG_20150902_092750 IMG_20150902_092752 IMG_20150902_092754 IMG_20150902_092756 IMG_20150902_092758 IMG_20150902_092800 IMG_20150902_092802 IMG_20150902_092804


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